Italian Courses 2014-15

The summer season is well under way, but our professors have been hard at work getting courses ready for the upcoming fall/winter semester. They will be listed below, alongside course descriptions and outlines (where available). We hope to see you this September!

it1030 Italian 1030: Italian for Beginners

Do you ever say espresso, cappuccino, manifesto, al dente, patio, bravo!, vendetta, paparazzi, ballerina, prima donna, andante, stiletto?  Then you already speak Italian! Join IT 1030, and have fun learning the language of Dante, Fellini, Pavarotti, Bocelli, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Prada, Versace and more.

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italian2200image4italian2200image5italian2200image6  Italian 2200: Intermediate Italian

Students with a basic knowledge of Italian will continue to develop their oral and written skills using a variety of authentic materials, such as websites, songs, short stories, and films. Through these materials students will be immersed in the unique richness of Italian language and culture.

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italian2215gimage  Italian 2215G/CLC 2208G: Exploring Italian Cultures

This is a team-taught course that aims to introduce students to reading, writing and researching about Italian culture and its contribution to the global context. Students will acquire foundations through case studies concerning arts, cinema, history of language, politics, and pop culture.

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italian2220aimage  Italian 2220A: Italian Conversation

Come and practice your listening and speaking skills through role-playing, discussions, presentations, and videos on topics ranging from Italian social, economical, and political issues to Italian media, pop culture, films, music, fashion, food, sports and more!  This course is a perfect match for IT 2215G Exploring Italian Culture, for a full-immersion adventure in Italian at Western!

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italian2240aimage  Italian 2240A/CLC 2132A: Italian Journeys

Travel through three major capitals of Italian culture, Florence, Venice, and Naples.Explore the variety of their artistic splendor, enjoy the pleasure of their literary and filmic tradition and understand crucial moments of their socio-political history. Meet emblematic historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Machiavelli, The Medici.Our journey spans from the Renaissance to the present and unfolds following the footsteps of illustrious travelers such as Goethe, Dickens and Stendhal, whose descriptions of the Bel Paesehave watermarked the expectations of millions of tourists. Get on board, you too, for the everlasting Grand Tour!

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italian3300image Italian 3300: Advanced Italian

Do you want to become better acquainted with a more sophisticated use of the Italian language? In Advanced Italian we will expand and consolidate your ability to comprehend Italian in a variety of social situations and refine your understanding and appreciation of both the history and the contemporary culture of Italy.

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Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.12.43 PMItalian 3331G: Books on the Big Screen

Double the pleasure: watch the film show you what the book hadn’t described and let the book reveal what the movie had not disclosed. Experience more than half a century of Italian history through 5 masterpieces of cinema and literature .

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italian3352  Italian 3352F: From Commedia Dell’Arte to Modern Theatre

Explore the Italian theatrical tradition through a selection of texts that may range from Commedia dell’ Arte to modern and contemporary performances. Engage with a number of theatrical techniques and consider the style, characters and themes of Italian performance art. Taught in English. Tutorial in Italian for Italian program students.

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italian4400  Italian 4400B: Fourth Year Italian: Language, History and Culture

This course explores some major aspects and periods of the history, literature and culture of Italy, seeking to consolidate, refine, and further expand the advanced-level competence that students have developed in the previous years. Students will learn how to express themselves in Italian with increasing accuracy and sophistication.

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italian4406gimage  Italian 4406G/CLC 4401G: Research Seminar: Dante

What if you dumped your old flame and she died and you found yourself another and your first love came back from the dead? There would be hell to pay, as Dante memorably reveals in his search for the meaning of Beatrice as the key to meaning in the universe. This course will follow Dante’s quest for meaning from the bounded world of Florentine certainties (from which he was exiled in 1302) into the imaginary worldscapes of his pilgrimage through the afterlife.

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