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The Rondine Method

President of the 2016 Outstanding Peace Education Luxembourg Award winner and Nobel Prize Peace Nominee Institution Rondine – Cittadella della Pace Franco Vaccari and its Education Director Dr. Blerina Duli are coming to Western to give a talk on “The Rondine Method” on February 8th, 2018 at 4:30pm! This talk will take place in 2N05 Dr. David S. Chu International Student Centre (A&H International Graduates Affairs Building).

Rondine is an NGO that works towards bringing young students from conflict areas around the globe together to build peaceful communication and understanding between different cultures. The event is organized by Rondine Italian Study Abroad Program of Modern Languages and Literatures.

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Club di Conversazione RETURNS

Cari amici e amiche:

We are happy to announce that the Club di Conversazione returns this coming Wednesday (September 20) for another year of exciting meetings and conversations about all things Italian in….Italian.

As in previous years, the Club di Conversazione will be directed by Teresa Aconito. The meetings will take place every Wednesday, 2:30-4, in AHB 3R19.

Everyone is welcome/Siete tutti benvenuti!


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Italian Studies Abroad – Rondine Citadel of Peace, Tuscany, May 2017


Gabriel is a Global Studies and Italian Major. In May, Gabriel took Intermediate Italian (2202) at Rondine-Citadel of Peace (Tuscany), Nobel Prize for Peace 2015 nominee. Together with Rondine students coming from countries in conflict, Gabriel also participated in activities on mediation and peace building. He was joined by students of ITA 1045 and ITA 3040. Listen to what he had to say about his experience @