From Commedia dell’Arte to Modern Theatre


Instructor: Prof. Cristina Caracchini  

This course introduces students to the rich and varied history of Italian theatre, from its roots in the Latin comedies of Plautus, to modern and contemporary narration theatre. Along the way, we will consider authors as diverse as Goldoni, Pirandello, De Filippo and present-day playwrights such as Ascanio Celestini and Nobel prize-
winner Dario Fo. We will, furthermore, examine forms as distant as the 16th century
Commedia dell’arte and 20th century Avant-Garde Futurist theatre. By devoting our attention to both printed texts and filmed theatrical performances we will consider the way in which Italian theatre has influenced and contributed to the development of theatre in Europe. Special consideration will be given to the evolution and transformation of genres and to the distinctive styles and techniques of major dramatic movements.

Syllabus-It 3352 Commedia dell’arte





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