End of 2013 with CIAO

CIAO Western at Victoria Park!
CIAO Western at Victoria Park!

It was an eventful week for CIAO Western. On Tuesday November 26, CIAO hosted the last general meeting of the semester with delicious homemade pasta (as always), briscola games, and a night of Cineclub, where we saw “I mine vaganti”. Sunday night was the annual Holiday dinner at Pizza Pie in London, along with a walk in festive Victoria Park and a show from the annual Christmas train that stops every year on the railroad tracks on Richmond St. south of Oxford. Ending off the year with these successful events, CIAO is looking forward to even more exciting things to come next semester. From general meetings and a possible dinner with some of Western’s culture clubs to Charity Ball and a potential trip, CIAO will undoubtedly have another fun-filled semester! Buone feste, tutti!

CIAO at Western University

For the past four years, Western University’s Canadian Italian Awareness Organization (CIAO) is a student association that strives to integrate Italian Canadians on campus. The club hosts many events throughout the year in order to promote Italian traditions, culture, and way of life. From monthly meetings providing home-cooked Italian meals and Holiday dinners in London to bocce ball tournaments and briscola card games, CIAO is a welcoming and spirited student collective–many even consider the club as their second family at Western. Each year, the amount of members continues to grow, ranging from students with strong Italian heritages to those who are merely fascinated by Italian culture. When it comes to CIAO, tutti sono benvenuti a tavola!

Western University CIAO logo

Italian Studies @ Western?? Here we are!

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