ICAP Sixth National Conference and AGM This Weekend

The Italian-Canadian Archives Project will be hosting their sixth national conference and annual general meeting this Friday October 14 and Saturday October 15 in London.

Join us this weekend to hear several keynote speakers and to learn about Italian-Canadian history!

To learn more about ICAP, visit their website at: https://icap.ca/


First year Italian: Options for 2016-2017

There are SIX sections of first year Italian to choose from, with a new format! Three hours in class, and one hour online activities! Still finding it hard to include Italian 1030 into your already busy academic schedule? Unable to make it to class during the day because you work, either part or full time? Take Italian as a night class, from 7-9 on Tuesdays, 7-8 on Thursdays (section 204 only):

Italian 1030: Italian for Beginners
Do you ever say ‘espresso’, ‘martini’, ‘cappuccino’, ‘al dente’, ‘pizza’, ‘bruschetta’, patio, ‘paparazzi’, ‘vendetta’, ‘stiletto’, adagio, ‘cantato’? Then you already know some Italian! And did you know that words such as ‘management’ and ‘bank’ derive from Italian? Join IT 1030, and have fun learning in class and online the language of Dante, Fellini, Bocelli, Pavarotti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Prada, Versace and the famous bankers from Florence, the Medici family! View syllabus


Looking for a new, innovative, and exciting way to learn Italian? Enroll now in this imaginative rethinking of first year Italian:

Italian 1033:Italian for Beginners and Our Italian-Canadian Stories
Next to a trip on the Italian Riviera, what could possibly be better than learning Italian while interacting with a paesano from London? Join Italian 1033! Through in-class/online course work and a community based project, you will learn the language of music, cuisine, sport, art, science and culture and develop the skills that facilitate community engagement while actively immersed in the vibrant local Italian community. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to the building of a digital archive of stories collected through interviews with the local Italian-Canadian community or your own family. View syllabus



Great Italian Studies Cultural Awareness Day at the University Community Centre Main Atrium, on Western Main Campus. About 170 Beginning Italian Students showcased their research on hidden and glamorous aspect of Italian culture. The conclusion of a wonderful journey that began last September!

Siete stati fantastici, ragazzi! BRAVISSIMI!

Courtney, Vicky and Vittoria dived into some of Italy most popular dishes: pizza, pasta and tiramisù
Italian and sports: Just do it! Audrey, Emily and Serena said.
Professor Mosco learnt a lot about the secrets of Milan from Gabriele, Mariana and Luca, on a discovery mission to the city of Milan.
Prof. Sangalli hears about Italian Cinema from Simi, Valeria and Nina
Fashion lovers, Katrina, Malina, and Victoria brought us right on to the Milan runways
Prof Pirani enjoyed a presentation on the wonders of the city of Florence
Italian food lovers Adrianne, Ariana, Camille, and Nathalie fathomed the vastness of Italian cuisine
Maegan and Nathalie, voice students, presented on their favorite composer: Giacomo Puccini


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