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Rondine Citadel of Peace Study Abroad (Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy)  – Deadline: Nov 20, 2017, via – select Italian Study Abroad Program

When does the program start? 
Enroll in Fall /Winter (deadline Nov 20) Program starts in May 2018

Who can enroll? ANY student enrolled at Western (Affiliates included) who is interested in pursuing the study of Italian language and culture at the beginning and intermediate level; as well as students with an interest in international relations, peace building, conflict resolution, and intercultural competence.

How long am I away? Depending on the course, from a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 4 weeks (in May 2018)

How much does it cost?
$50 CDN Acceptance fee +  (depending on the length of stay)  $1.900 CDN to $3.500 CDN including lunch (which is the big principal meal in Italy) coffee breaks and snacks, housing in Arezzo, monthly or weekly bus tickets, excursions

Accommodations provided:
The houses for the participants are situated in the city of Arezzo, at a walking distance to the city centre and the train station; due to the specific structure of the houses, some rooms could share the bathroom and services. Participants will be provided of weekly or monthly bus ticket for the lines connecting Arezzo to Rondine. The trip is around 20 minutes.




Courses Available 

Beginning Italian (Two half credit courses)

These two half credit courses are designed for students with little or no previous knowledge of Italian. It is a dynamic full immersion intensive introductory course to the Italian language and culture in Tuscany. Students will engage in active learning so as to acquire beginners’ communicative skills by collaborating in a positive, constructive manner. This course will introduce you to the standard Italian language in an active and practical way with an emphasis on the traveling experience. It will allow you to enroll in the intermediate Italian course on Main Campus, in September!

Course: ITA 1045 Italian for Travellers I (0.5): The Italian for Travellers I course is an accelerated and full immersion course lasting one week, that will include 34 hours of Italian language instruction (plus 6 hours on campus, during Winter term) and will be taught as a full- time, intensive learning experience.
 The course will take one week, students will be in class for 5 or 6 hours a day for 6 days a week, from 9:00am to 1:00pm, a lunch break, and then further classes from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. In addition to this, students will share common meals, and be involved in sightseeing and other practical activities during the weekend.

Course: ITA 1046 Italian for Travellers II (0.5): Students of Italian for Travellers I would also be eligible to take an additional 0.5 credit course, Italian for Travellers II, running for a further three weeks, Monday to Friday for two hours a day on average (30 hours) plus 10 hours of Rondine’s weekly seminars for a total of 40 contact hours. Register for Italian 1046 during the intersession.

Intermediate Italian (Full credit course)

The course builds upon a basic knowledge of Italian and develops further effective oral and written skills in a language immersion environment. Students will be exposed to authentic Italian culture in the heart of Tuscany through daily interactions with native speakers.  The course includes a community-engaged learning component. It will also allow you to enroll in the third year advanced course in Italian on Main Campus, and get closer to your Certificate of Practical Italian,  Minor or Major programs.

Course: ITA 2202 Intermediate Italian in Italy (1.0): Designed for students with a basic knowledge of Italian, the course builds upon this knowledge placing emphasis on the development of effective oral and written skills in a real-life environment. The primary objective is that students learn how to communicate their ideas with clarity in a variety of settings. 
The course will last four weeks, students will be in class for 4 hours a day for 5 days a week. This course has a community engaged learning component.

Studies at Rondine Citadel of Peace in Italy (Half credit course)

This course, held mainly in Tuscany at Rondine Citadel of Peace, builds skills for understanding cultural differences and fosters awareness for social change in a global context. Intercultural competences, migration phenomena and peacebuilding will be approached in theory and practice through field experience as well as visual and written material.

Course: ITA 3040 /SJPS 3211  Studies at Rondine Cittadella della Pace (0.5 – with ITA 1045 Italian for Travellers I as a pre-requisite): UWO students will have the opportunity to attend seminar or classes or conferences organized in Rondine which focus on various aspects of human rights, international law, war crimes, genocides, and conflict resolution.

 – pre-requisite: ITA 1045 Italian for Travellers I 

Language of Instruction 
Italian (language and culture) and English (seminar in intercultural competence and peace building)

APPLY APPLY APPLY and select Italian Study Abroad Program

DEADLINE TO APPLY – Nov 20, 2017!!

For more information contact Dr. Cristina Caracchini at and Busra Copuroglu at    

University of Verona Exchange Program


Arena di Verona

The University of Verona is located in the city of Verona, between Milan and Venice, and within the northern state of Vento. Known as “Little Rome,” Verona offers many beautiful cultural attractions and is listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Some attractions include Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza dei Signori, the Lamberti Tower, the Roman Theater and Archeological Museum, the Duomo di Verona, the  Roman Arena,  and Juliet’s house, balcony and statue!

For the music lovers, from the months of June to August, the Arena di Verona hosts an opera festival where different operas are preformed almost every day! These operas range from “Carmen,” to “Nabucco,” to “Turandot” and to “Romeo and Juliet.”

Fun fact: Verona is known as the city of Romeo and Juliet. Despite Shakespeare never visiting this city himself, he wrote his famous play “Romeo and Juliet” to be set in this city.

For information:


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