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Western University Course Uses Video Games to Teach Italian Renaissance Literature

Western University Course Uses Video Games to Teach Italian Renaissance Literature 

PhD candidate Andrea Privitera uses role-playing video games to teach Italian Renaissance Epic poetry because he wants to show how Early Modern literature can be just as exciting as modern-day pop culture.


Italian 4400B (Winter 2016): Fourth Year Italian: Language, History and Culture


Explore some major aspects and periods of the history, literature and culture of Italy, while consolidating, refining and further expanding the advanced-level competence that you have built in the previous years. Learn how to express yourself in Italian with increasing accuracy and sophistication.

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Italian 2243B (Winter 2016): Italian Opera, Words and Music


What do pop music, soap opera, videogames and Italian opera have in common?… Love, death, desire, honour, betrayal, power! Join Italian Opera to learn about the linguistic and literary specificity of Italian librettos, while exploring the major themes of riveting Italian operas!

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Italian 2220A (Fall): Italian Conversation

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Come and practice your listening and speaking skills through role-playing, discussions, presentations, and videos on topics ranging from Italian social, economical, and political issues to Italian media, pop culture, films, music, fashion, food, sports and more!  This course is a perfect match for IT 2215G Exploring Italian Culture, for a full-immersion adventure in Italian at Western!

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ITA 2215G/CLC 2208G (Winter 2016): Exploring Italian Culture



Want to travel through Italian culture and explore its unique place in the global context? Well, you need to take this team-taught course. With the help and guidance of the Italian faculty you will discover the exciting richness of the language, arts, food, and pop culture of Italy. You will also learn about the extraordinary contribution that Italian immigrants have given to Canadian society and culture. All of this in Italian.

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Italian 2200 (Fall/Winter): Intermediate Italian


Do you already have a basic proficiency in Italian language? Would you like to keep feeding your passion for all things Italian? This is your course. Taught by native speakers, Italian 2200 is designed to help you improve your vocabulary and develop your written skills using a variety of authentic materials, such as websites, songs, short stories, and films. Through these materials you will be constantly immersed in the language and culture of Italy.

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