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Professor Alessandro Portelli. lecture Oct 9.2015. UWO

Did you miss Professor Portelli’s lecture in October? Watch the full lecture here.

Professor Alessandro Portelli, world renowned and highly influential oral historian and musicologist, discusses the role of migrant sounds from Afghanistan, China, Ecuador, Philippines, India, Kurdistan, Romania, Senegal, and Somalia in Italian folk music. Can the migrant music we hear in Italian cities and rural areas be recognizied as the new folk music of a multietnic and multicultural country?
In 2015, Professor Portelli was awarded the prestigious Dan David Prize for his extraordinary work over the last three decades in linking oral history and collective memory, completely changing and enriching the way we look at history and the past. With his research, Professor Portelli has transformed the way subjectivity and history coalesce to form meaning. He has been a pivotal figure in the investigation of history and society via eyewitness testimony.



Western University Course Uses Video Games to Teach Italian Renaissance Literature

Western University Course Uses Video Games to Teach Italian Renaissance Literature 

PhD candidate Andrea Privitera uses role-playing video games to teach Italian Renaissance Epic poetry because he wants to show how Early Modern literature can be just as exciting as modern-day pop culture.

Italian 4400B (Winter 2016): Fourth Year Italian: Language, History and Culture


Explore some major aspects and periods of the history, literature and culture of Italy, while consolidating, refining and further expanding the advanced-level competence that you have built in the previous years. Learn how to express yourself in Italian with increasing accuracy and sophistication.

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Italian 3300 (Fall/Winter): Advanced Italian


Do you want to become better acquainted with a more sophisticated use of the Italian language? In Advanced Italian we will expand and consolidate your ability to comprehend Italian in a variety of social situations and refine your understanding and appreciation of both the history and the contemporary culture of Italy.

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Italian Culinary Event

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook, but not just any food, yummy Italian food?! If so, join us on Thursday, November 13th, during Western’s International Week, for a night of cooking, dining and culture.

The cost will be $10 per person and the lab will be held at Brescia’s Food Lab at 6pm. However, we can only take 25 participants. The registration period for this event will begin on October 22nd at 8am, so be the first to register by emailing us at Owner-italian-in-london@uwo.ca.

Hopefully you will be able to make it to this tasty event! Ciao!

For more details, check out our poster!
For more details, check out our poster!

An Italian Night!

Ciao students and faculty of Western University! On March 28th, 2014, join the Italian department for una Serata Italiana, or in other words, an Italian night!

At 6:30 pm in Conran Hall, UC 224, the Italian program at Western University will be having an evening of art and fun! We welcome all to join!

Una Serata Italiana (An Italian Night)
Una Serata Italiana (An Italian Night)

Antonette’s Experience Abroad!

Go do study abroad if it’s something you’ve been thinking about! It’s worth the effort to start looking into what you need to do ahead of time, attend information sessions, and talk to the professors. The application process isn’t as complicated as you might think, just give yourself enough time so you time to plan and get things sent.
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