Work in Italy

Have you always dreamed of going to Italy? Can’t afford to travel right now? Lucky for you, International Experience Canada provides Canadians with the perfect opportunity to travel and work in Italy.This amazing opportunity allows Canadians to see a new country, learn a new language, meet new people, and have the experience of a lifetime! Also, since you will be working while travelling, all your expenses will be taken care of.

What International Experience Canada will do is secure a mutual youth mobility agreement with Italy that makes it easier for you to obtain a work permit.

In order to travel and work in Italy for 6 months, you must be a Canadian citizen within the age of 18-35. In order to participate, there will be a fee of C$146 and before you travel, it is required that you have C$1,630 in your bank account. Also, you must read the current travel advisories for Italy, and about the culture in Italy prior to departure.

If you have a trip in mind, or are curious about this experience, click here to learn more about working and travelling in Italy.  For more information, you can also contact the Embassy of Italy at:


Phone number: 613-232-2401


Work in Italy
Work in Italy?

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